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Stu Levy is an international entrepreneur, producer, director and writer across media including graphic novels, film, television and new media. Founder of the pioneering media company TOKYOPOP, Levy is known for being one of the people who introduced the English-speaking world to manga, the uniquely Japanese form of comics. Levy has directed two feature films, PRAY FOR JAPAN, and also his award-winning debut VAN VON HUNTER, a satirical take on sword-and-sorcery fantasy and horror. With TOKYOPOP, he also produced and directed the 8-webisode reality series America’s Greatest Otaku. His first major studio feature film as Executive Producer was PRIEST, released theatrically worldwide in 2011 through Sony Pictures. As a producer, Levy has a number of live-action and animated feature films and television shows in various stages of development, including adaptations of his graphic novels Princess Ai and Juror 13. Fluent in Japanese, Levy also serves as chair of the Producers Guild of America’s International Committee and was previously a Board Member of its New Media Council.

In commemoration of the 5th anniversary of Tohoku Disaster: Pray For Japan has been set free!

In order to make sure our film is available to the biggest possible audience, we have now posted it, in its entirety, to our YouTube channel. This is not a rental: it is being streamed for no cost.

I hope that you will be moved by our film. So moved, that you will consider donating to JEN, one of the disaster relief non-governmental organizations that led the volunteer effort in Tohoku. They were on the ground three days after the tsunami. They continue to be on the ground to help, because it really is NOT over for the people of the affected areas of Japan. There are still hundreds of families relocated from Fukushima. There are still thousands of families living in temporary housing in Miyagi and Iwate Prefectures. There are still huge swaths of land that, although cleared of debris, are basically vacant and fallow. This, five years after the tragedy. They still need you. Please help.

Pray For Japan now available on YouTube, and three Japanese sites, for rental!

Our good friends at TOKYOPOP have put our film up for global video-on-demand rental at YouTube. As always, now that we have cleared expenses, every cent of your rental of the film will be donated to JEN-NPO, one of the charities you see providing support to volunteers in the film.

If the rental doesn’t work in your country, please get back to us, and we will get it to work. Each country and each currency needs to be entered individually. Drop TOKYOPOP a line at info@tokyopop.com to let them know if you are having trouble.

We now have Japan-only VOD sources:



iTunes Store, JP/PRAY FOR JAPAN by スチュー・リビー

This is now the 5th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, and the 4th anniversary of the release of our film. We are proud of what we are able to accomplish, and further, we are glad people still care about the people of Tohoku affected by the disaster. Rebuilding is still very slow going, with people still living in temporary housing that was not meant to last this long. Hopefully the Federal and Prefectural governments of Japan will finally get in gear and help resettle people into permanent housing. Until then, NGOs like JEN-NPO will be there for them. IT’S NOT OVER.

By Your Side

dwarf studio, the animation studio that brought us the internationally beloved character Domo-kun, created a short this year to bring attention to the continued difficulties faced by children in Fukushima Prefecture, and the promise of music as therapy.

The short promotes Zapuni, an art collective, and El Sistema Japan, a non-governmental organization that is bringing Venezuelan-style youth orchestras to areas of Japan still affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. And no area is more affected than Fukushima Prefecture, with its no-go zones and fear about the long-term effects of exposure to radiation from the damaged Fukushima Dai-Ichi power plant.

It’s a beautiful and touching short, made with the painstaking process of dimensional animation.

Promises made…promises kept.


We are happy to announce that we have donated first proceeds above and beyond our expenses to JEN-NPO, one of the organizations we featured in our film, and to which we have the closest ties. Here’s our Director/Producer/DP Stu Levy with JEN-NPO Managing Director Keiko Kiyama, handing her the check. This is a proud moment for us.