The Production

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Part 1: Introduction

The team that worked on Pray For Japan consisted of all volunteers, from Director/Producer Stu Levy on down. Just as volunteers from all over the world converged on Tohoku to render aid, a diverse group of film industry professionals assembled to work on the film.

From its origins in Stu’s original volunteer work in Miyagi, Tohoku on March 14, 2011 (just three days after the 3/11 earthquake), the project quickly took on a life of its own. From filming in Ishinomaki and other areas of Miyagi; (such as Sendai, Kessenuma, and Higashi-Matsushima) to editing in Burbank, California; then back to Tokyo, Japan for post-production and contributions from teams throughout Asia. From students to Japanese A-listers, the Pray for Japan team was truly an “all-hands on deck” crew, giving meaning to our film’s Japanese subtitle kokoro wo hitotsu ni, meaning “one heart”.

Of course, making a film isn’t enough – getting people to watch it is critical. While this “The Team” section is devoted to the group that made this film, our critical marketing and distribution partners are listed here, including of course the 221 generous backers from our Kickstarter campaign.

While it goes without saying, we do want to emphasize that any and all profits from this will always be 100% donated to charity (non-profit organization JEN for their Tohoku recovery projects). Director/producer Stu Levy refuses to be paid a penny to be compensated for his time, and this is the pillar of the Pray for Japan philosophy: “give, give and give.” (as astutely observed in the film by an insightful Tohoku volunteer).

Please watch our original June 2011 “special thanks” video.

Kokoro wo hitotsu ni!

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