In commemoration of the 5th anniversary of Tohoku Disaster: Pray For Japan has been set free!

In order to make sure our film is available to the biggest possible audience, we have now posted it, in its entirety, to our YouTube channel. This is not a rental: it is being streamed for no cost.

I hope that you will be moved by our film. So moved, that you will consider donating to JEN, one of the disaster relief non-governmental organizations that led the volunteer effort in Tohoku. They were on the ground three days after the tsunami. They continue to be on the ground to help, because it really is NOT over for the people of the affected areas of Japan. There are still hundreds of families relocated from Fukushima. There are still thousands of families living in temporary housing in Miyagi and Iwate Prefectures. There are still huge swaths of land that, although cleared of debris, are basically vacant and fallow. This, five years after the tragedy. They still need you. Please help.