Support Tohoku Projects

Here are a few links to other projects featuring themes of the Tohoku Tragedy and rebuilding. We will include others as we hear of them.

Short Subject Documentaries
The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom
Light Up Nippon
Then and Now
lenses + landscapes
The Life In Underground — New York (Japanese Expat in NYC muses about Tohoku tragedy)
Made In Tohoku
千の音色 – Sen no neiro
Women Of Fukushima

Feature Length Documentaries
3.11: Surviving Japan
Friends After 3.11
Can You See Our Lights? (Featurette for NHK)
Nuclear Nation
No Man’s Zone
Fukushima Hula Girls (Japanese site)
Uncanny Terrain
Lost And Found
Japan By Bicycle
Tohoku Tomo (P4J Director Stu Levy appears in this doc)
Stories From Tohoku
The Horses of Fukushima (Matsuri no Uma)

Narrative Films
A Gentle Rain Falls for Fukushima
Blossom (Anime from producer of Fractale and Black Rock Shooter)
Himizu (Japanese Language site)
Kibô no kuni/Land of Hope (Live-action feature)
Man Of The House (Live-action Short)
Women On The Edge (Girigiri no Onnatachi)

Webisode Series
We Are All Radioactive

Comic Books/Manga/Graphic Novels/Other Forms of Sequential Art